Dragon’s Crown in 2013, Atlus publishing

That promised official update has arrived; previously on for 2012, Vanillaware’s PS Vita and PS3 title Dragon’s Crown is now headed to 2013, the PS Blog brings word. What’s more, Atlus has gotten involed.

The company will be publishing the title in both North America and Japan, with “key members” also involved as producers.

The project’s status and slip is explained: “When we took over the reins, we realized that a lot of the information made available to the public was ambitious and unfounded conjecture. The release timing, the pricing, and many of the features detailed for fans and members of the press were simply unknowable at the time they were disseminated (and frankly we were quite shocked to find out that many of the details were made public unbeknownst to even the developers).”

Furthermore, the advertised $29.99 price point is deemed “a logistical impossibility.”

“We’re all gamers and we all wished it could be so, but it would have essentially destroyed any chance for profitability.” So expect the price tag to be a tad higher that that.

As for further details, it’s still too early, they say.