Prey 2 development stopped in November, relations “sour” — rumor

There may be more to the delay of Prey 2 than Bethesda’s saying.

Yesterday the publisher sent out a statement, saying the game is no longer a 2012 release due to quality concerns. A fresh rumor adds another layer to that; developer Human Head is believed to have suspended development since November last year in order to negotiate a better contract with Zenimax, the parent of Bethesda.

A Shacknews source claims that several people were laid off, with Human Head hoping to re-hire them when the new contract is in place.

Things looked to have made progress by March 1st, though matters are said to have “soured” as quickly as of March 2nd. The source can’t comment beyond that date.

When reached for comment, Bethesda decline to comment beyond yesterday’s statement either.

With Bethesda saying it had invested considerably in its creation, chances are Prey 2 will ship eventually (hopefully, it does look very promising),¬†though currently it’s unclear if Human Head is even the developer anymore.