“A Realm Reborn” registered by Square Enix; FF14 re-launch?

Square Enix may be showing signs of prepping for this year’s Final Fantasy XIV relaunch.

Siliconera’s discovered that the publisher has filed a trademark for “A Realm Reborn.” Tie that with the poem below the company’s released and there would appear to be a match:

In the darkness the Crystal dreams

From the flames of Destruction
A new Beginning rises
Come, brave heroes
Heed the Crystal’s call
Gather once more
And witness a realm reborn.

Domain names arealmreborn.net and arealmreborn.com have also been picked up by the company, on April 20th.

Final Fantasy XIV famously had that rocky launch then, with version 2.0 — which represents a major overhaul of the MMO — due to launch later this year.