Sony spares developers in layoffs?

It was recently revealed that Sony would be making some 10,000 job cuts in order to cope with severe losses posted by the company recently. Bad news for first-party studios, right? Maybe not so much.

Develop is reporting that the company will not be looking to its game development teams for job cutting. Instead a bulk of the cuts will come from┬áthe television, marketing and chemicals arms of the business. CEO Kaz Hirai has made it clear that the company has a new focus on digital imaging, phones and games, though jobs within these sectors aren’t necessarily secure. A report from Brand Republic also suggests that 1,000 jobs in Europe are soon to be gone, predominately in the marketing division of weaker-selling products.

None of these reports have been confirmed by Sony itself but given recent reports surrounding the company’s financial difficulties it’s not hard to imagine it being true. Of course, the company has recently closed both Bigbig Studios and Zipper Interactive ahead of these cuts.