Editorial / What I want to see at E3

As we hurtle through the year towards that fated time again, I always begin to wonder what might be in store for us gamers. The hallowed showcasing of the new and upcoming is always rife with rumour, speculation and even the occasional fact or two. However, whether it is unveiling the Nintendo ‘Revolution’ as it was once called, or the perhaps ill-advised ‘Wii Vitality Sensor’, perhaps not Nintendo’s greatest idea, E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is sure to bring some surprises both brilliant and unexpected, be it for the better (Project Natal) or the worse (Kinect and its true purpose, perhaps?).

The time is close now. The seventh generation of consoles hurtle ever forwards towards oblivion. The eighth is already upon us with the Nintendo 3DS and the PS Vita and Nintendo’s newest home console, the Wii U, is on the near horizon. Essentially, this means that we could see Microsoft and Sony bring out the big guns at any conceivable time, be at E3, the Tokyo

Game Show or even Leipzig, though I doubt it. In fact I’m not even sure if there is a show at Leipzig anymore. Anyway, for all we know, they might not reveal anything at all! Kinect was supposed to extend the life cycle of the Xbox 360 by at least five years but who knows? Let us have a little fun. So, here is what I want to see from the major companies at E3 this year.


We all know that Nintendo love to innovate. The saying is ‘Nintendo innovate, the others imitate’ after all. Bearing this in mind, we have already seen the Wii U. That is about as innovative as it gets at the moment. In terms of hardware, I am expecting very little. They will clearly show off the new system in a considerable depth, hopefully showcasing the graphical capabilities seeing as Zelda was very pretty running in full HD. I would now love to see a new Mario game, even just a tech demo like I am sure that Zelda was. They just might show off a thinner, slimmer and lighter 3DS. It depends if they have mastered the hardware yet. This is Nintendo we are talking about, so it is possible.

In terms of software, my dreams consist of a new Super Smash Bros. However, I report with vehemence that I know it is hugely unlikely. So, I really want to see a new Mario title. Speculation seems to be pointing towards a Super Mario Bros 4, but maybe that was just New Super Mario Bros 2, which seems to have been demoted to the 3DS, though if the Wii U’s official trailer was anything to go by it will be on there too. I would also like confirmed release dates for Luigi’s Mansion 2 and maybe even one for the Wii U. Perhaps that is pushing it just a little.


Just going to throw it out there that I am not a Playstation fan so this might be quick. Having said that, I do not disregard the system for what it is and therefore, there are some interesting things I would like to see. The shadowy project that seems to mirror Super Smash Bros in more ways than one intrigues me. I would like to see who is going in it, though I can throw out some ideas. Crash Bandicoot, whatever horrible deformation Spyro has become, Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank…the list is endless. Of course I’ve only named the era of quality characters and not the faceless slabs of pixels that wade their way through first person shooter games. No, this ‘All-Star Battle Royale’ as it is tentatively being called, has potential. I wonder if the game would be more interesting were it a funky spin off of the actual ‘Battle Royale’. Probably not.

I would also be interested in seeing what Hideo Kojima has planned for the possible Metal Gear Solid 5. Again, there are only whispers going about, all of them of course based on speculative content, and with MGS now a multi-platform title, who knows where the series is going to end up? No doubt Sony will unveil something along the lines of Playstation Move or something to do with the PS3 user interface rather than a full blown PS4, though one can hope.


There is a lot I do not want to see from these guys. There is also a lot I do want to see. Can the Kinect. Just, can it. I do not want to see it. Of course we will see it and in great abundance no doubt being shoved down our throats as happy families masquerade like morons in front of their TV in their oversized novelty living rooms. So I am going to ignore Kinect in its entirety unless we see something really awesome. My biggest issue with Kinect is that it has so much potential. This could be stepping into the boundaries of ‘proper’ virtual reality, where the game is around you! But no, Microsoft cater it to little kiddies. Hopefully when they are done expanding they will start doing some good with the machine. We have already seen it implemented in Mass Effect 3 and now even Skyrim. Please Microsoft, make something good out of it.

As for hardware, although I would like to see it, it is too late really for them to join the portable race. Thus, dismissed. As far as a new Xbox goes, I would love to see one announced. I really do not expect it to happen though, as Microsoft seem fairly committed to the Kinect drive. In fact, I expect Microsoft to be the last of the three to reveal their eighth generation home console hardware. As far as software goes, anything with Gears of War in the title is welcomed with open arms, though as Epic are currently working on Fortnite, I don’t see it happening. Halo 4 will undoubtedly get some serious screen time, but I could not really care less.

So that is about it for what I want to see at this year’s E3. What do you want to see? There are probably plenty of games I have missed, but regardless it was a fun summary of possible expectations, no matter how easily shattered. Oh and there is probably going to be some Call of Duty in there somewhere too?

Not that I want it, mind you.