Ex Call of Duty man founds studio, next-gen project in the works

Former Call of Duty public face and community man Robert Bowling has revealed what he’s up to next. After leaving Activision a few weeks back, the man has now founded his own development studio, called Robotoki.

The studio’s first product will be announced next year. It’ll be a PC, mobile and next-gen console release.

“Robotoki is focused on being a developer development studio that just happens to make games. We are focused on our team first and everything else second, because I believe as an industry; we have a lot to learn on how to treat talent,” Bowling’s told Gameinformer.

“While we continue to out stride film and music entertainment in other areas, we are falling severely behind in how to properly inspire and support our creative talent.”

As for what kind of games the studio would be producing, it’s a bit vague for now; they’ll be “adapting the strengths of each of these into a unique experience that is fueled by the actions and contributions in each.”