Guild Wars 2 won’t run out of content “for years”

Guild Wars 2 players shouldn’t worry about running out of content to consume; ArenaNet has said it has planned out years’ worth of content for the upcoming  MMO.

“We have development plans in our back pocket for literally years to come,” senior vice president Randall Price has told EG. “We today know a number of the high-level features that we’re going to do, and expansion content for years to come.

“It’s not drilled down in a way that is – it’s all at the five-thousand foot level and above, from a big picture. But every month we go through time, we get closer and it gets down and, OK, now we’re actually creating content for it.”

Guild Wars 2 is seen as a service, it’s further added; “you don’t launch a box and be done with it. We have years of awesome, fun work ahead of us.”

The game is expected to launch later this year.