Designer CV lists Dead Space 3, Army of Two 3

Yet further evidence that EA’s working on the next Dead Space and Army of Two games has arrived.

The resume of one Jeremie Benhamou gives the deets (via); the man says he’s worked given his “graphic design direction / UI art direction” talents to an unannounced project, as well as done “UI art direction, pre-production concepts” for Dead Space 3, and “UI concepts” for Army of Two 3.

The latter two are also unannounced.

The unnamed project is said to be a Visceral production. The rumored The Ripper, perhaps?

Army of Two 3 has been rumored to be a four-player game this time. Appropriately, it’s believed to be called Army of Four.

As for Dead Space 3, it’s far from the first time we’ve heard about that one.