Microsoft will preview new “Woodstock” music service at E3

Microsoft has big plans at this June to show off its new music service, codenamed Woodstock, at E3 in Los Angeles. Sources say that the new subscription service will allow customers to access their music across multiple platforms, including devices with Windows 8, Android and iOS operating systems. It will also be accessible for Xbox users.

The biggest issue facing a fledgling music service is the integration of new users, and Woodstock is being prepared with a “scan and match” system that should be able to convert foreign music collections into the Woodstock system. There will also be Facebook features that allow friends to share music and build playlists a la Spotify.

After Microsoft’s Zune service failed to compete with iTunes, it will be interesting to see how Woodstock tries to turn the tables on Apple. We’ll at least get a little taste at E3. Woodstock won’t be launching until later this year at the earliest.

About the author: Aaron Yorke
Aaron Yorke.
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