Updated: Operation Exorcist is Mass Effect 3’s next multiplayer weekend

Update: EA’s just confirmed that Operation Exorcist is also taking place on the PS3. Same rewards apply, starting tomorrow at 6PM PST.

Original story: Are you tired of shelling out money in Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer hoping you may unlock that Krogan soldier you’ve been wanting to play as? BioWare may have a solution for you. They’ve announced that Operation Exorcist will be a go from Friday, April 27 at 6PM PST to Monday, April 30 at 5AM PST on Xbox 360 and PC. PlayStation 3 players, perhaps next time.

Operation Exorcist offers two unique challenges, Allied Goal and Squad Goal. In the first, if you kill one million Cerberus Phantoms, all squad mates earn a Victory Pack. In the second, if you survive until extraction on any map fighting any enemy type on Gold difficulty, all players earn a commendation pack.

Do you see what they did there? If you kill phantoms, you’re an exorcist. Apparently, Operation Ghostbuster was already taken.

To ensure you receive the packs you’ve earned, set “Upload Gameplay Feedback” to ON in the online options and make sure your crucifix is handy.

Or you could just stick to buying the packs.