PS3’s Battlefield 3 input lag fixed in Close Quarters

Despite of the gargantuan patch that saw release a while back, Battlefield 3 players on the PS3 still have issues with input lag. It shouldn’t be long now until help arrives though; in month or so, said troubles should be history.

DICE’s Patrich Back has said that the game’s upcoming Close Quarters DLC (which got a new trailer and screenshots yesterday, by the way) would address the issue: “Input lag has been a really hard thing for us to fix, but in the Close Quarters expansion pack we’re actually fixing it. I didn’t want to bring it up as a feature, but we are improving it quite significantly, and hopefully players who have felt it before will feel the difference, that it feels much snappier and gives better feedback, so we’re definitely listening.”

Voice chat on the PS3 continues to be a problem as well. To this, Bach says: “we’ve been working on it and I think we’ll probably have the perfect solution very, very soon. It’s very hard to fix between the combination of the built-in systems and our systems, and it’s not that easy to just make it a priority over everything else because it will affect the rest of the game.”

Close Quarters will be out in June. No dates yet, but PS3 will get it a week ahead of PC and Xbox 360.