Wii U price, launch date won’t be announced at E3

Two bits of news expected from Nintendo’s E3 media briefing won’t be there. For one, the final pricing for the Wii U will be AWOL at the show, according to prez Satoru Iwata. And, while still scheduled to launch in “the year-end sales season,” a precise launch date won’t be given, either.

“..as we did for previous platforms that were launched in the year-end sales season, we will announce the launch date and price in each market sometime after E3,” he said during a recent investor briefing.

What will be revealed at E3 then? The games!

“We will showcase the final format, and discuss the details and the software lineup for this year at E3 2012.”

Ninty’s E3 presser, while not yet official, is expected to take place on June 5th.