Angry Birds creators exit Rovio, found Boomlagoon

Two Angry Birds creators, lead server architect Antti Stén and lead artist Tuomas Erikoinen — or Mr. Plan and Mr. Action as they refer to themselves — have left Rovio to start a business of their own, in the hopes of coming up with something as giant as the phenomenon they leave behind.

“If we play our cards right, we just might end up with the next Angry Birds,” Stén’s told Venture Beat.

The new company is called Boomlagoon. Yet to raise any money, it’s just Stén (chief executive) and Erikoinen (chief creative officer) for now, though they are looking for investors.

As for what they’ll be making; nothing has been announced yet, but expect to see “convivial and intriguing” games on both mobile and web.

“We know a thing or two about successful games and high volumes, and we’ll use this knowledge to spawn something very cool and new.”