Five-part Halo 4 live-action series announced

Halo 4 is to get a live-action web series, Microsoft’s revealed to Variety, a move that represents the company’s “largest investment” in live-action promos yet.

Named Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, the series will debut on Machinima before Halo 4‘s launch on November 6.

According to Matt McCloskey, director of franchise business management at developer 343 Industries, the series’ goal is “to make Halo accessible for people who haven’t played the games.”

“We wanted to do something unique from a narrative standpoint that’s big in scale,” he says.

All in all, Forward Unto Dawn consists of five episodes, each 15 or so minutes in length, due to be released weekly. They tell a story of how Master Chief inspired a young UNSC cadet who will become a leader aboard the UNSC Infinity spacecraft.

McCloskey says the effort goes beyond just being a marketing piece. “We wanted to go way beyond that and transform this live-action exploration from advertising into a full standalone product that people will enjoy.”

No precise dates yet.