Mass Effect 3 leading 2012 sales in US and UK

Another entry from the “Probably Not That Surprising” department is in: according to NPD data revealed during Nintendo’s recent financial briefing for investors, Mass Effect 3 is the highest-selling game in the United States and the United Kingdom through the first few months of the year.

Stateside (via CVG), BioWare’s critically-acclaimed (and plenty controversial) action-RPG leads perennial heavyweights Just Dance 3, Modern Warfare 3, and NBA 2K12. According to the briefing, the Xbox 360 still leads console sales across America.

Over in the UK, Shepard and company take the crown from the likes of FIFA 12, FIFA Street (those Brits love their football), and Battlefield 3. The data also reveals that the PlayStation 3 leads the console war in Europe at this juncture in 2012.

Finally, Japan continues to do its own thing, with One Piece Pirate Warriors for the PS3 topping their charts (a point for whoever guessed that one). Namco Bandai’s title, which is coming west later this year, has beaten out the likes of Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Monster Hunter 3, and a slew of various other titles that I probably could not pronounce. The 3DS continues to be the top-selling hardware in the Land of the Rising Sun.