Amnesia developer on horror’s woes

We love being really, really scared in games. It’s a feeling that only the best titles can capture, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent has been the only title in recent years to do as much. We have Frictional Games to thank for that.

Co-founder Thomas Grip agrees that not enough games are pulling it off, too. So he’s compiled a blog on why horror hasn’t evolved. He writes: “Around 10 years ago, a lot of very interesting and ground breaking horror games were released. These include Silent Hill (1999), Fatal Frame (2001), Forbidden Siren (2003) and a few more. Since then not much has happened in the video-game horror genre and little has evolved.”

As such, Grip has a 10-step plan to bring the genre back to fruition, highlight some intriguing areas like removing combat and enemies from the equation, and pacing the experience correctly.

“It will be fun to see if they are still valid 10 years from now or not,” he says. We can only hope they are.