Black Ops 2 has an official website, date, screens

Update: The debut trailer has arrived.
Update 2: More screenshots, information overload.

Original story: Enough with the pre-order cards and supposed dates; solid, real, confirmed, official information on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is now here.

Activision has launched the game’s official website has a precursor to tonight’s official reveal with the promise of a new trailer and the confirmation of the game’s release date – 13.11.12.Text for the game’s pre-order information reveals that it’s set in a near-future, 21st century Cold War. Given that this is a CoD game we can’t imagine it will stay cold for long.

Other leaks are coming in from around the net, showing drones (sorry, Ghost Recon).

That puts a lid on the speculation for another year, then. Excited?