An army of 300+ working on Black Ops II

Call of Duty: Black Ops II, surprise surprise, has a lot of people working it. With a 2-year development cycle that can’t be dodged, it takes hundreds to make a game like Call of Duty. Or, in the case of Black Ops II, more specifically, over 300.

Treyarch boss Mark Lamia has departed with the figure, saying that “over 250” of those folks reside at the studio, but that in total “there’s over 300 people working on the project.”

He clarifies: “We do have contractors and test teams that aren’t part of the company. Those others aren’t actually employees of Treyarch. But there’s over 300 people working on the game right now.” That’s a lot indeed.

Black Ops II is out in November. If by some miracle you’ve missed them, catch the first trailer here and some screenshots here.