Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell studio to quadruple in size

Ubisoft’s an ambitious one; the French publisher has announced plans to expand its Toronto into in a major development force.

Already 200 strong, the company is looking for the studio to quadruple in size and house no less than 800 souls in the next decade, which could mean hundreds and hundreds of millions in investments.

According to Yannis Mallat, Ubi Montreal CEO, the Toronto outfit will be bringing in those with experience from other studios: “We’ve been sending over experienced, senior people from Ubisoft Montreal as a guarantee that they immediately get traction and speed and knowledge in place so that they can recruit the best people.

“You can’t hope to have a studio up and running in one year by just hiring junior people.”

The only known project currently in the works at the Toronto studio is the new Splinter Cell, set to be revealed soonish, hopefully.