Black Ops II’s US pre-orders out-do original 10-to-1

We’re not done with chatting about Black Ops II‘s record-breaking habits yet, it would seem; next to pre-orders surpassing those of 2010’s Black Ops three-to-one in the UK, as reported yesterday, the new shooter is doing even better in the US. Much better, even.

Amazon US pre-orders show that the Treyarch sequel has blown by its predecessor by a ratio of ten-to-one.

“Pre-orders from Day 1 of Black Ops II were more than ten times the amount of pre-orders for the first Black Ops on its first day of availability,” according to a rep for the retailer.

Black Ops II even out pre-ordered the first day of availability for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3,” it’s further added, “by more than 30 percent.

Modern Warfare 3 currently holds the record for the most pre-ordered game of all time and was amongst the top 20 pre-orders ever on, including books and movies.”

One can only wonder what records the November 13 launch manages to break.