Sega’s unnamed Aliens game targeting next-gen

Should Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines not quench your thirst as it launches later this year, know that there is more Aliens to come.

A new job listing (via) has pointed to an Aliens game being in the works at Creative Assembly (think Total War series). But this we already know. The interesting bit emerging from the listing is that the studio is targeting both current as well as next generation of consoles with the title.

“A AAA multi-platform title on current and future generation consoles set in the Alien universe,” reads a listing for a multiplayer/gameplay programmer.

And we have our piece of meat. Time to move on, nothing more to see here.

As a quick reminder though, here’s a May 2011 quote from departing Sega West boss Mike Hayes:  “This is very much a triple-A project. We want this to be a peer to the likes of Dead Space 2.”