Microsoft’s E3 response to Wii U: Xbox 360/Kinect bundle for $300 — analyst

E3 prediction time!

With neither Sony or Microsoft showing their next hardware at the show, whatever could they do to draw attention away from Nintendo, who will be sharing details on their upcoming Wii U?

On Microsoft’s end we may be in for a new bundle. Or, so reckons Wedbush man Michael Pachter. “If I had to bet on the hardware announcement: all new Xbox 360s come bundled with Kinect,” he said on Bonus Round’s E3 preview. “They could probably do something like that.”

“So rather than a price cut, they’ll just say ‘the $300, 250GB Xbox 360 now comes with Kinect bundled’. That’s a massive price cut and that makes it really competitive against the Wii U. I think that’s probably their answer to the Wii U.”

Kinect has previously been bundled with a 4GB system (for $299) as well as a 250GB system (for $399).

Microsoft’s E3 presser will be held on June 4th.