“No plan” for Twisted Metal DLC — Jaffe

David Jaffe has a straightforward message for anyone still holding out for any future Twisted Metal DLC: don’t count on it.

Speaking to IGN, the mind behind the latest in the vehicular combat series said that “if anyone’s holding their breath for DLC for Twisted…I don’t think that’s a wise health choice.”

“No one has asked me [about working on DLC]. I don’t know what Eat Sleep Play is working on other than I’m pretty sure they’re not working on DLC for Twisted Metal. My understanding is that there is no plan for DLC for Twisted Metal, and I don’t see that changing in the foreseeable future.”

Earlier this year Jaffe left Twisted dev Eat Sleep Play, the company he co-founded, in order to work on projects of his own.

A collective sad face for all you once-hopeful Twisted fans out there, then. May we all grieve in harmony.