Browsers able to handle console-quality games in a few years — Sweeney

It may sound odd, but playing console quality games through your web browser isn’t far off. A few more years and we’ll be there, Epic Games CEO and tech guru Tim Sweeney predicts.

Same goes for mobile games; once turned into native HTML5 apps, they should run without issues.

“We’re slowly heading in that direction as an industry,” Sweeney’s told Gamasutra. “You should be able to take any game — a PlayStation 3 or iOS game, for example — and just go to that and play it from any web browser.”

With Epic’s own Unreal Engine 3 already running Flash, we’re in no joke territory.

“You give it any C++ program, like Unreal Engine 3, and it translates it to a platform-independent application that can run within Flash, within any web browser or on any platform where Flash runs,” Sweeney explains. “That’s an awesome breakthrough; it shows you the possibilities.”

He goes on: “I think the next step in that is cross-compiling games from C++ or whatever and directly running them as native HTML5 and JavaScript applications within any standard web browser.

“In another few years, I think that’s going to be a very realistic scenario. And so the web will generally be a platform, and you can have a real application with a full feature set that runs within a web browser; that’ll be very welcome.”