Human-like AI in a few decades — GoW developer

True, convincing, human-like artificial intelligence in videogames? It may be a while yet.

Epic Games’ resident tech genius Tim Sweeney believes such advancements are still ways off.. a few decades or so, even.

“Trying to simulate human intelligence in the game — realistic character AI and realistic conversations — something like that relies on algorithms that nobody has invented yet, because nobody knows how to simulate human thought,” he said in a recent interview. “I expect over the next few decades, really, there’s going to be an incredible innovation there.”

Realistic AI is the second, less obtainable half of hyper-realism in games, Sweeney feels, with the other being lifelike graphical realism, achieving which is just a matter of “developing, coming up with innovative new graphics algorithms and waiting for the hardware to increase in performance every year.”

Figuring out AI on the other hand is “much, much more difficult.”

Things in that direction are already happening though, Sweeney adds, bringing iPhone’s voice assistant Siri as an example; “we’re seeing some companies really starting to address that — that core problem of human thought.

“I can pick up my iPhone now and ask Siri for directions to someplace, or ask it some really complicated query, and it’ll parse it correctly and give me a result. So really, computing is on the cusp of grasping the human world, and that’s a really exciting thing.”