Sony prepping Killzone news — rumor

Rumor believers, prepare for a new Killzone announcement.

Siliconera has word that Sony’s prepping marketing materials for the shooter sequel, which has been rumored since last year, suggesting an E3 reveal, perhaps?

Citing an anonymous source, the site’s posted these lines from a supposed teaser trailer that’s in the works:

“My sons and my daughters, today we take the first step toward our imperial future.

“For years, this once-great nation has stagnated in the shadow of its enemies. Governed by scoundrels who flaunted the ideals established by my father, these traitors… these enemies of our race have diluted and exploited the triad of Duty, Obedience, and Loyalty.

“This regime, this corrupt regime, has been dissolved. In its place does rise an era of stability and strength. A time of opportunity born from a promise that we shall return our people to their proper sphere of dominance.”

Said words will be uttered by a female character with ties to a Helghan Autarch.

Whether it’s a Vita-bound release, the source wouldn’t say. It is said to take place following the events of Killzone 3, though, so it could just as well be for PS3.