Dead Space 3’s co-op detailed — report

With EA having confirmed a new Dead Space but not offering any details, said details will have to be obtained elsewhere. Enter an IGN report, in which a source has offered up a whole heap of details on what’s expected to be Dead Space 3.

The ice planet setting is mentioned once more, as are changes to the weaponry — including the Plasma Cutter, which won’t be rotating anymore (noooo!) — new enemy types (including BIG ones) and gameplay additions such as crouching and being able to roll left and right, though the biggest of the lot is the supposed addition of drop-in, drop-out co-op play. This has been rumored before as well, though now there are some actual details , which say that the game’s campaign can be completed with two players.

When playing solo, the second character will act as Isaac’s guide. The game will also apparently adjust itself and not show certain hallucinations when another player is present, so it could be that playing through the campaign should be done twice, one alone and once with a partner.

The IGN report here has more details.

Dead Space 3, according to EA’s itself, is expected within a year.