Dragon Age III delayed for SWTOR — analyst

The reason we haven’t heard many formal words about Dragon Age III yet — next to BioWare saying they want to get it right — may be because parent EA shifted developers from the RPG to another one, a massively multiplayer one.

That is the suspicion of Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter who believes the publisher found it necessary to increase development force on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Dragon Age III appears to have slipped to FY:14,” Pachter tells Games Industry.

“We had previously expected the next Dragon Age to be released in Q4:13, two years after its predecessor. However, we believe that a significant portion of the BioWare team responsible for the game was reassigned to Star Wars in order to create content and fix bugs to keep the game’s audience engaged.”

Following Hawke’s outing in Dragon Age II, which famously disappointed many a fan of Origins, BioWare has said it will start showing the next game in the series earlier in order to get fan feed back. Based on that, the game may still be ways off indeed.

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