Inafune’s Vita game is Soul Sacrifice

For a while now two of our most anticipated Vita titles have been Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune’s unrevealed project and the mysterious Soul Sacrifice, which Sony has been teasing for the better part of a month.

Turns out that they’re one and the same; the legendary developer is working on Soul Sacrifice, it’s been revealed.

Andriasang reports ahead of tomorrow’s official reveal that the game is targeting a winter release. Players control a sorcerer’s slave that escapes sacrifice by falling into the story of a nearby book. Sadly said book isn’t Harry Potter, rather a story of mythical demons and hellish monsters.

The protagonist can sacrifice body parts in the name of magical attacks, including pulling out his spine and then using it as a sword. Lovely. Overusing this magic will deform the player over time.

There’s also the promise of four-player co-op to compliment the experience. It’s apparently halfway through development, so let’s hope it hits the West in early 2013.