The Old Republic subs start to slide

BioWare’s epic space MMORPG, SWTOR (that’s Star Wars: The Old Republic for all those who need to brush up on their acronyms…) has started to show a slide in subscribers from the 1.7 active subscribers quoted back in March, to the significantly smaller 1.3 million for this month.

Being realistic it would be odder not to see a drop off after the first few months of any new online endeavour, with a large number of people only showing up to see what all the fuss is about before deciding on whether or not to settle down for the long haul. With the stranglehold that World of Warcraft still has on the market it’s no easy feat to convince players to make the switch, but with the amount of cold hard cash that EA seem to be willing to put into this we can guarantee that we’re going to be seeing a lot more updates and new subscribers in the future.

All of those who want to look at the number crunching in full can find it here.