Art In Games: Resistance 3

Having played the original and its sequel, both of which I really enjoyed, I can’t think of any reason why I’m still to play Resistance 3. It’s been on my to-play list ever since it was announced, yet nine months after its release, I still haven’t played it. And what’s most regrettable about it, is that this is a franchise I’ve had fun playing. A first-person shooter which involves aliens invading a very beige-colored world? It’s all been done before, yet beyond these clich├ęs, Insomniac Games managed to hook me in with games I enjoyed every second I spent on them.

That said, I give you Colin Geller, illustrator and concept artist at Insomniac who worked on Resistance 3 and is now leaving his mark on Overstrike, a game I’m very much looking forward to but we’re still to hear anything from.