Assassin’s Creed III to visit the Mayans?

Pre-order bonuses are all over the place these days, yet very few of them provide anything drastically enticing to the eventual buyer; they’re often non-essential, dull and/or completely boring. That said, Ubisoft may just have hit the right button with Assassin’s Creed III.

With the new game comes a new assassin and a completely new setting, both of which are sure to revitalize the franchise. That includes side-missions, which may just be a bit more interesting this time around than in previous games. Then again, it wouldn’t take a lot to make that happen.

Pre-ordering the game at Best Buy will have you visiting the “Ghost of War” content, which seems to involve visiting a mine. If taken at face value, not very exciting, no. However, pre-ordering the game through GameStop will take you farther away from the colonies of the American revolution than you might have expected, to Mexico and the ancient ruins of the Mayans with “The Lost Mayan ruins” content. Here’s the oh-so reliable leaked image to get the rumor going:

We could speculate what this all means but since Ubisoft hasn’t confirmed any of this yet, we’ll sight tight and don’t until they do.