Face Off in MW3 this month, for free

Modern Warfare 3‘s Season of Content is great, assuming you’re a Call of Duty Elite member which, conspicuously, not all of you are. For you, here’s a bone, courtesy of Activision and the multitude of developer studios behind the massively popular game.

As of May 15th, everybody — as in, everybody playing the game on Xbox 360 — will be able to download new content for MW3, as the title suggests, free of charge. The DLC will include a debutant mode called Face Off, which pits one player against the other or a team of two against another team of two, for obvious reasons. In addition, the maps Aground and Erosion will feature this mode.

May 15th will also see the release of new map Oasis, Special Ops missions, Iron Clad and Kill Switch and more Face Off maps, including Getaway and Lookout. This drop, however, is for Call of Duty Elite members.

As for PS3 gamers, all of aforementioned goodies will be made available to you too, eventually. No date has been set but if history is anything to go on, we’d presume you’ll have to wait around for about a month to get them. Timed exclusives and all that…