How many copies of RE6 (and other games) is Capcom hoping to sell?

In its latest financial report (via), Capcom has shared some numbers it expects four of its current fiscal year releases to push.

Resident Evil 6 is at the very top of the list with 7 million copies, which is actually more than the other predictions combined; Devil May Cry is second with 2 million, Dragon’s Dogma third with 1.5 million and finally Lost Planet 3 fourth with 1.4 million copies.

These are all shipping estimates then. As in, sold to retailers, not consumers.

Of the four, only Dragon’s Dogma (this month) and Resident Evil 6 (October) have been dated. Devil May Cry is expected some time this year as well, while Lost Planet 3 is currently tucked into an ‘early 2013’ launch window.