No HDTV? Then no split-screen for Xbox 360 Minecraft

Hmm, well this is rather bizarre. It appears that quite a few folks out there have discovered that playing the recently released Xbox 360 version of Minecraft with split-screen enabled is an impossibility without the use of a high-definition television. Yep, that means no indulging in great feats of digging and building with your friends by your side on a good old-fashioned tube TV. While many people might scoff at the idea of playing games on an SDTV in this day and age, the fact that there is no warning of this “small” hitch in the local cooperative portion of the game in its listing on Xbox Live has many consumers feeling mislead.

Microsoft did respond to all the uproar by saying that HD is needed for local coop in order to read the text of the inventory. Oh, and that there are in-game prompts to inform you that you need an HDTV to play split-screen. You know, very useful information for those who have already purchased the game. While some players have been able to receive refunds from this debacle, a great many have yet to still.