Sponsored video: Samsung Smart TV

You may not be able to play games with it as you do with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 add-on Kinect, but chances are you won’t be able to differentiate its users from those of Samsung’s new Smart TV. You see, as this new advert released by the tech giant proves, it may be fun and intuitive, but you’ll be confusing the hell out of onlookers.

The video’s titled ‘Seductive Motion’ and it seems to want to prove that controlling your home tech with nothing but popcorn in hand seems to be the way forward. Remotes are SO 90s.

“Look. Don’t touch” is another way the video is described, as a hottie drives men from across the street nuts with her newly acquired and gesture-based tech. Her behavior — originating from *ahem* room 69 — is all very deceptively suggestive of course.

Sponsored by Samsung

The short was put together by ad agency BETC London. Founding executive creative director Neil Dawson says of their work:  “The Samsung Smart TV is just that – smart. Voice and motion activated. We filmed this with RSA in a big ‘Blake Edwards’ style caper film. We cast a motley collection of fellas in Buenos Aires and flew in a top model from LA to be our fantasy woman. I love my job.”

And here’s Yoonjung Lee, vice president, Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, bottom-lining things for us: “Smart Interaction technology offers an immersive entertainment experience that can truly bring people together around the central screen of the home—Samsung Smart TV. A simple gesture is all it takes to access movies, sports, apps and other Smart Content. Your TV will know why you’re waving—even if others get the wrong idea.”