PlayStation CEO “opposed to blocking used games”

Okay, sigh of relief; it looks like the next PlayStation won’t block used games as recent rumors suggest. According to industry analyst Michael Pachter, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton has gone on record saying he “opposes” blocking second hand games in consoles.

Speaking on GT’s Bonus Round, Pachter explained that he had directly asked Tretton if the rumors were true. The exec apparently replied that he was “opposed to blocking used games”, stating that they were “great for consumers” and that it would be “anti-consumer” to block them.

Don’t uncross those fingers just yet though; Tretton admitted that this was just his view and that “Japan might think something different.”

Still, it can’t hurt that the CEO of a major arm of the PlayStation business is going on-record against blocking used games.

About the author: Jamie Feltham


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