Star Trek Online to revamp its PvP

In the wake of reduce PvP playtime, Crytpic Studios has announced that it is to revamp the offering in Star Trek Online.

The team’s Dan Griffis took to the forums to explain that the mode will soon see an overhaul.

“I don’t think I can be any clearer on this point,” Griffis said. “You the players don’t like it, we the developers don’t like it and all the data we pull from the servers backs up the statement as well.”

Exact changes weren’t detailed although Griffis did give one example: “I see lots of threads about KDF players having access to gear that FED players do not. This isn’t going to be a problem in the new system since their will not be any FED vs KDF PVP. All PVP in the new system will be cross faction queues.”

So there you have it, look for big changes to the MMO soon.