Capcom may abandon on-disc DLC post-Dragon’s Dogma

Score one for the little people! Capcom are said to be ‘re-evaluating’ their on-disc DLC strategy in the wake of controversy over Street Fighter X Tekken.

The publisher’s corporate officer and senior VP Christian Svensson revealed that, while it’s too late for some titles, the scheme may be a thing of the past.

“We would like to assure you that we have been listening to your comments and as such have begun the process of re-evaluating how such additional game content is delivered in the future,” Svensson said.

“As this process has only just commenced in the past month or so, there will be some titles, where development began some time ago and that are scheduled for release in the coming months, for which we are unable to make changes to the way some of their post release content is delivered.”

Sadly, one such game is Dragon’s Dogma, which sees release this month.

“The decision to include some additional (but not all planned additional) game content for Dragon’s Dogma on disc was made at the beginning of the game’s development cycle as at the time this was determined to be the most efficient way of ensuring certain content was made available.”

So, basically, Dragon’s Dogma is a full-priced title that will release with some content locked out until we get out our wallets again. Personally, I’ve already said my bit on Capcom’s DLC schemes, and now I doubt I’ll be picking up this one.