Diablo III makes for HMV’s biggest launch event

HMV Oxford is a store famed for huge product launches, and it’s just held its biggest one ever, courtesy of Diablo III.

The company’s game boss Ewan Pinder has suggested that as many as 1,000 people attended the release at 11pm yesterday, having copies signed by members of Blizzard.

“The launch of Diablo III has to rank alongside World of Warcraft as our biggest ever official product launch at an HMV store,” said Pinder, referencing one of Blizzard’s other big titles.

“We estimate that at least 1,000 fans queued patiently and with good humour for many hours – including in the rain – with the first diehards arriving as early as Friday night. Only games have the power and the passion to deliver this kind of result and level of engagement.

“I have to congratulate the guys at Activision Blizzard on such a spectacular and epic launch and on staging some of the best retail theatre I’ve ever seen. Big thanks also to our team at HMV and at the store for their fantastic support and, of course, not least to our wonderful customers who came along in such large numbers and helped to make this such a memorable, landmark event.”