Ubisoft Massive eyeing next-gen

Ubisoft Massive has a next generation project in the works, a new job listing advertises.

Gamers Globe (via) has discovered that the Far Cry 3 multiplayer studio is looking for assistance on a project with “modern AAA Online game features.”

“Ubisoft Massive is currently looking for an Online Game Programmer to join us in working with a next-gen project,” the listing reads.

“You will be part of a team of online programmers where quality and attention to detail is highly valued. You will also work close to both game-designers and operations. The position is full time and on site at our studio in Malmö in the south of Sweden.”

Ubi Massive is just the latest studio to shift their attention to next-gen hardware then. Recent development houses that come to mind include Sega, Rocksteady and publishing giant EA.