Checkpoint Studios formed, debut title announced

Veteran developers from firms such as EA, Sony, Shiny Entertainment, and Heavy Iron have announced the formation of Checkpoint Studios, a new social games studio which intends to create interactive, cross-platform experiences for smartphones, tablets, browser, and the like.

To that end, the studio has announced their first title, AviNation, which is currently scheduled to launch on Facebook this June. The game, an empire-builder, is currently in its closed beta period, for which you can sign up here.

The new startup will be headed by former Shiny Entertainment and Heavy Iron senior producer Brian Wiklem.

“When I first started playing social games, I was frustrated by what I felt was a lack of quality and real game play in so many of the titles,” the new CEO said. “The click-reward-repeat nature felt more like an activity or social chore than a game and, while there’s clearly an audience for that, I know we can do better.” Here’s to hoping he does.