343 Industries has 10 years of next Halo trilogy planned out

The Halo news train keeps a’rolling, this time courtesy of a Game Informer interview with 343 Industries Franchise Development Director Frank O’Connor.

Talking about the work going into Master Chief’s next three-game arc, titled by 343 as the “Reclaimer Saga,” O’Connor said that the company has about a decade’s worth of the story figured out, though upgrades in technology — Xbox 360’s successor? — will ultimately have a big say in what direction they take the Chief.

“We have things mapped out fairly far, probably 10 years, but they’re pretty vague,” O’Connor said. “It’s big plot points. We think that X will happen, we think that Y will happen, we think that they should go visit Z.”

“I think there’s a danger in getting too granular in your planning, because game development is different. If this were a novel, you could just keep writing it, but new technology appears and gives you new opportunities, pieces of the sandbox end up being more or less popular than you might have expected.”

We get to find out how the beginning of 343’s decade-long plan shakes out when Halo 4 comes out on November 6th.