Sponsored video: Samsung Memory

Whoever’s doing Samsung’s new Memory ad clips is not half bad at their job; they’re actually funny.

Take this one for example, starring a somewhat of a Mickey Rourke look-a-like — Battery Brutus, they call him — stealing all the juice from peoples electronic devices. It doesn’t matter if it’s a phone, tablet, laptop or a camera, Brutus is out to suck them all dry. All of them, and literally. With an actual straw!

No joke. Watch and see:

The message here then is that your devices should be using Samsung Memory, as it keeps data safe and the battery humming for longer periods of time. “Read more. Talk more. Play more. Watch more,” the company says while promising to extend the battery life of any mobile device by up to 30 minutes.

As other clips in the campaign — starring their own loveable bad guys Fiona Freeze and Loading Ball Larry — show, it also helps against freezing and insanely long loading times by making devices faster and giving increased performance when running multiple apps.

Phrases “eco-friendly” and “cost competitive” are also thrown around, so it appears they have all the right boxes ticked.

Editorial note: This post is sponsored by Samsung.