Epic pushing Sony, Microsoft for more powerful next-gen?

Reports are coming in that Gears of War developer Epic has been let in on both Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles, and they’re not satisfied.

Wired claims that the developer has seen the hardware specs for the upcoming systems but is “actively lobbying” both parties to upgrade. If they fail to do so, any possible reveal at this year’s E3 could be “bad for the industry.”

“We’re much more in sync with the console makers than any other developer is,” Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney told the publication. “That means we can give detailed recommendations with a complete understanding of what is going to be commercially possible.”

Epic released the first images of the next incarnation of its Unreal Engine this week (below). Does that mean the developer believes current console specs aren’t living up to what the dev has produced?  Maybe we’ll find out two weeks from now (E3).