Mass Effect 3 ending DLC getting “whole series” of new voice overs

It would seem BioWare is going all in with the new, expanded Mass Effect 3 ending DLC they announced following fan outcries; all Tricia Helfer (voice of EDI), Lance Henriksen (Admiral Hackett) and Raphael Sbarge (Kaidan Alenko) have confirmed that they’re recording new voice-overs for the game.

“I’m voicing some more Mass Effect on Monday,” Helfer has told G4.

Henriksen, while on a press junket for Tron: Uprising, also said he’s characters would be back as well: “I just did another session with them…They were saying there’s a little bit of a problem with the abruptness of the ending. So we did a whole series of things to add to the end of the game, to live up to the quality they’ve been doing.”

And finally, Sbarge tweets: “Just when you thought I would never go back, they keep PULLING me back in #MassEffect!! Recording!! Yay! Wha-hoo!”

It looks like BioWare is well digging deeper than adding mere cinematics then. Excellent.

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut is scheduled for a summer release. It’ll be a free download.