XBL Indie Games allowed more flexible prices

Xbox Live Indie Games aficionados, rejoice. As noted in the App Hub forums, developers of games on the XBLIG service will be granted the ability to change their games’ pricing on a much more frequent basis.

Starting today, these indie devs will be able to change the prices of their titles once every seven days, if desired. Before, the limitation was held to only once every 90 days. One would presume such a change would allow for far more frequent week-long “flash” sales and other such experimentation with prices.

Besides that, though, all other pricing regulations will remain in place. All indie games under 150MB in size can be either 80, 240, or 400 (that’s $1, $3, and $5, respectively) Microsoft points, while anything from 150MB to the maximum 500MB in size can be either 240 or 400 MS points.

Three cheers for the little guys then.