Section 8 dev helping out on Aliens: Colonial Marines

Section 8 developer TimeGate Studios is helping Gearbox chip away at Aliens: Colonial Marines, Eurogamer has revealed.

In the wake of the recent delay Gearbox has assured that the upcoming tie-in is indeed getting the attention is deserves.

“It’s been pretty massive. We have hundreds of people working on this game,” senior producer Brian Burleson told the site.

TimeGate will be helping the Borderlands developers hit the new 2013 date. “They’re pretty well known for their engineering,” Burleson continued. “They’re very methodical and they just get s**t done, which is really fun. So when you need to get some stuff done they’re pretty good at that.”

Outsourcing specialist Shadows in Darkness is also lending a hand. The studio has teamed with Gearbox in the past to work on Borderlands. “They had done a lot of character work with us on Borderlands,” Burleson said. “They’ve done some fantastic work with some of the other stuff we’ve done in our game. They can just do things very quickly and they nail the xeno design so nicely that we can focus on some other things.”

But fans need not fear; Burleson assured that Colonial Marines was still very much a Gearbox shooter. We guess we’ll be the judge of that come the game’s February 2013 release.