GameStop Expo open to public this year

Previously an event that was only open to employees of the company, gaming retailer GameStop has switched gears and made this year’s GameStop Expo open to the public.

It’s not quite catch-free — you need to be a member of GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards program, though there is a free membership option — but could represent a great way to play the latest upcoming games, provided that you live or plan on visiting San Antonio, Texas when the Expo hits town on Wednesday, August 29th. Entry to the event will run $35, while the $100 VIP Admission grants purchasers a GameStop bag with swag, special access to VIP lines for autographs, and entrance into the “GameStop hospitality room to enjoy a casual gaming experience with other hardcore gamers like yourself.”

Specific games haven’t been confirmed as having a presence at the GameStop Expo 2012, though the retailer is promising Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Activision and “dozens more” to be present. While there isn’t likely to be any megaton announcements, at the very least it’ll give you some nice bragging rights over your friends. For more registration information, head here.