Art In Games: Martin Deschambault

Conceptualizing a game and pitching it to the people that can make it happen sounds like a hard thing to do, let alone try to convince the rest of us that the idea is definitely worth pursuing. But when your name is Martin Deschambault and have both the skills and a position as senior concept artist at one of the world’s biggest studios (Ubisoft Montreal) to do it, the going gets a little bit easier.

Deschambault has previously worked on high-profiled games such as the Assassin’s Creed series (II, Brotherhood and Revelations), the Rainbow Six (Vegas) and Prince of Persia (The Two Thrones) franchises and according to his LinkedIn profile, he’s currently working on an unannounced project. Despite his busy schedule, Deschambault has also embarked on a personal sci-fi project (dubbed Project 77) to create more than just an idea‚Ķ an entire universe filled with rich, varied environments as well as vehicles, creatures and characters. Judging by the concepts for it (featured below), I’m hoping he’ll pitch this idea to the right people sooner rather than later.